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Navin Kumar Vatsa is a professional photographer, whose meditative monochrome work with a minimalistic approach has the power to evoke soulful communication within and beyond the image.


He embraces extracting poetic stories from ordinary-looking situations from daily life events. He loves to express his inner voice through his work.  He creates realistic visual stories in the surroundings of the natural environment in rural and urban India. His work is primarily human-centric and carries a philosophical essence to communicate with the audience.

Born on 16th September 1972, he has been a passionate artist since childhood and has received many awards in paintings and sketching during his school days—a passion that aided his career in photography later. He has a Master’s degree in Computer Applications (MCA). Before becoming a full-time photographer, he served in some reputed organizations as a computer teacher and academic administrator for more than 16 years. 

In the last 10 years, his contribution towards art has been well recognised and awarded by National Geographic, Sony World, Sony India, HIPA, MSPF, SIENA, Eyeshot Magazine, Penguin Publications, Govt. of Delhi and many other national and international organizations of repute. He is a two-time HIPA winner (9th & 11th Season), a contributing photographer for National Geographic’s YourShot community and a Photography Mentor for Tamron India. As a mentor, he has organized 20+ intensive workshops in different cities in India to date. 

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